Sometimes ya just gotta deal with you

Most kids are a handful growing up. Some are hard-headed. Some are rebels. Some like taking shit apart. The point is: we all had our qwirks, we grew out of them and ultimately turned out to be good people. Of course some of us were smart enough not to have kids…

The rest of us, well, our parents warned us that when we had kids, they’d pay us back for all the grief we put our parents through. We thought it was funny but years and a few kids later: we realized they couldn’t have been more right.

Now your kids are more stubborn, more rebellious, are always taking something apart or breaking it on purpose, have the stubbornness of a rabid bull and think they know everything.

What they don’t tell us though, is that while all of this can prove to be a headache at times, it also comes with 10 times the hugs, 10 times the kisses and ten times the smiles.

So yes, dealing with you has its trials but it also has its triumphs. Focus on those and you’ll make it another year. I promise. 😀

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