Why is Monday the hardest day to get motivated?

It’s funny that Monday has been dubbed, “Motivation Monday” when I think we can all agree that’s the one day we are feeling the LEAST motivated. You had the weekend off, hung out with friends and/or family, maybe even took a trip. Now it’s Monday and you’ve realized it’s now time to go back to the real world. The daily grind. The hustle.

No. Let me sleep in. I’ll call off work, stay in bed and watch reruns of Good Times. Skip my work out and start over tomorrow on not-motivationless-monday.

That’s how I felt this morning for sure! Nice weekend. Spent some quality time with myself did a little work but mostly relaxed. This morning, I wasn’t feeling getting up in the LEAST. But I managed to peel myself off the bed, slip my workout clothes on and got in a little over 25 minutes of HIIT training.

Happy Motivation Monday get yours in!!!

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