What I tried, why it didn’t work and what has worked

Okay so as most of you know, I used to be overweight. And if you didn’t know well you do now. From 6/7th grade up until I was around 28, I went from a few extra pounds to morbidly obese.

It wasn’t that I didn’t try to lose weight. Oh I did. I tried a bunch of things and here’s what they were and why they didn’t work:




Atkins diet


Dance dvds

Aerobic dvds

Going to the gym with a friend

Slim fast

Low carb dieting

You will notice I didn’t list each one with a reason it didn’t work…because it’s the same reasons for all of them:

1) I was rushing to lose weight

2) I wasn’t doing things I could sustain for a long period of time

3) I didn’t take before photos

4) I wasn’t holding myself accountable

5) when I hit a plateau I gave up

6) I expected too much praise from others – yes, I sometimes got off track because not enough ppl told me “good job”

7) I didn’t believe in myself

What has worked:

1) Getting a coach

2) making a plan and sticking with it

3) doing things I can sustain for long periods of time

4) eating a balanced diet

5) holding myself accountable

6) analyzing plateaus and working past them

7) taking photos and seeing progress

8) I believed I could

The one thing that remains true in each scenario is that unless you are accountable for your actions and you make the conscious thought to change, you won’t.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life or what you are doing or even what your goals are. If you can’t honestly say, “I believe I can do x” then you won’t be able to and you will fail everytime.

Not every path works for everyone. If it did we would all be doing the same thing. That’s why you have to keep trying until you find which oath works best for you. It ain’t always easy but I promise it’s worth it!

Don’t believe me? Check out my webpage and see for yourself!

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