When I Was Growing Up…

When I was growing up I thought I wanted to be a pilot or a cop or firefighter or even a stormchaser. I’ve come to realize that what I really want to be…is water.

Water is unstoppable. It is flexible. It is strong. Beautiful. Calm. It can also be a dangerous force of nature that will destroy anything that gets in its way. It doesn’t apologize for what it is. It goes where it pleases and does what it wants.

Even its waves on the beach are a testament that life, no matter how difficult, can be rough can be tiresome. But with each wave that hits the sand, even if it doesn’t get as far as the last one, after a while, they extend until one wave after another goes further than the one before it. Even at times when the waves are the furthest from the shore line, they still crash and beat the sand reminding anyone who looks upon its beauty of where it was.

Water. I want to be water.

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