I didnt feel like getting out of bed this morning…

I didnt feel like getting up this morning. I slept well, yea, but when my alarm went off, I just wanted to roll over and go back to sleep…I almost did.

But I got out of bed 15 minutes late, grumpily threw my gym clothes on, procrastinated getting out of the house and made my way, doing the speed limit and not any faster, to the gym.

Even after getting there I still didnt feel like going in but I grabbed all my stuff and walked in anyway.

It didnt take long before I was warmed up and ready to go. By the time I got through my second set of hack squats I remembered why I started.

Broke records in all my lifts today, and the one in the picture is my deadlift which i haven’t done in around 2 months; the last one was only 2 45’s and a 25 and wasnt from the floor.

Also powered through incline chest presses, banging out 170 lbs…

I’m not going to go through every single thing I did but i’m simply making a point: you’re not going to feel like going to the gym every single day but the day you really dont wanna go, the day you wanna skip it and sit on the couch or stay in bed, the day you’re just “not feeling it” that’s the day you need to make it a point to MAKE IT.

Make it a point to show up and start and once you get started the rest is a piece of cake. Results dont happen overnight and you won’t see them then unless you put the work in. But you put the work in and dont allow yourself to make excuses to not do SOMETHING then the only person you’re kidding is YOURSELF.

Dont make excuses for why you can’t, make excuses for why you CAN.

You dont have to do it alone, get some help at an affordable investment for ANY income, household size and fitness level. The sky’s the limit!

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