These photos represent someone who has been through hell and back. Someone who has struggled, experienced pain, loss and disappointment.

Many times I wanted to give up. I had the narrow mindset that if I tried I wouldn’t see any type of push back.

Truth be told, one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn is that when you’re truly making an effort to reach a goal, if you aren’t struggling, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Even today I am struggling with dealing with the difficulty of getting back into the dating scene but realize that if it was easy, I wouldn’t be happy so I push on.

In the gym, I’ve had several fails just attempting to up my weights but the fact that i’m trying and failing shows i’m making the attempt and that if I keep working hard eventually that weight I failed to lift will eventually be lifted with ease.

There will always be struggles but how we deal with them is what defines us.

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