The day I beat my best

Its only been a few months since I started deadlifts. Pretty sure it was back in April of this year that I did my first one and boy was it tough!

Grunting, scowling, huffing and puffing, my first deadlift was 205 lbs…and even then i thought i was gonna die.

Today, not even in September yet, I did 315 lbs! Not once. But twice! Tried for 3 but couldn’t get it all the way up.

My goal when I started deadlifts was to hit 315 lbs (the equivalent of an Olympic bar and 3 45s on each side). Today I hit it!!

The road to your goal may sometimes seem slow but as long as you’re making progress then you’ll get there. No major change happens all it once and it doesnt happen without ALOT of effort on your part. You have to want it so bad you can taste it. You’ll do anything for it. You’ll suffer through whatever you need to suffer through in order to achieve it. Then and only then, will you experience the change you want to see.

This is Motivation Monday and it is your time to shine!

You’ve got the motivation and you’ve got the drive, now let me give you the mode of transportation to get you where you want to be!!

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