How do You Measure Success?

How do you measure success?

Do you use a scale?

A measuring tape?

A number on an excel spreadsheet?

A bar graph?

Theres a million and one ways to measure success but dont use just one.

I used this flower because it’s my daughter’s and she planted it at the end of the school year…last year. Now, for the last month or so, it’s been in full bloom. But only because, even when she couldn’t see the product she wanted, she still watered it and cared for it (yes she even talks to it).

Whether it’s your personal life, career, relationship, finances, etc just because you make a positive change doesn’t mean you are going to see the end product a week after you start nurturing your goal. This happens over time with dedication, hard work (and yes, even some talking).

Even for me, I sometimes have the hardest time approaching people in a public setting so a friend of mine. challenged me to approach someone at the gym I was interested in. Did we end up falling in love and living happily ever after? Nooooo, but did I fail? No, I didnt! I did exactly what I set out to do!! Just because you maybe didnt get the answer you wanted you have to remember your short term goals and your long term goals. Maybe you didn’t get that job you wanted but you interviewed for it. Is that a failure?

No!! It’s a lesson! You made an effort and you got the interview, now you need to self analyze, maybe send an email and see where you could’ve done better.

If you really want that job or that house or that dress size, it’s going to take a lot of effort and a lot of self analysis.

Just because you dont immediately see the end result, doesnt mean it’s not a work in progress. Even the flower had to start somewhere.

I’d you’d like to start somewhere, visit your local nursery to get started.

I didnt feel like getting out of bed this morning…

I didnt feel like getting up this morning. I slept well, yea, but when my alarm went off, I just wanted to roll over and go back to sleep…I almost did.

But I got out of bed 15 minutes late, grumpily threw my gym clothes on, procrastinated getting out of the house and made my way, doing the speed limit and not any faster, to the gym.

Even after getting there I still didnt feel like going in but I grabbed all my stuff and walked in anyway.

It didnt take long before I was warmed up and ready to go. By the time I got through my second set of hack squats I remembered why I started.

Broke records in all my lifts today, and the one in the picture is my deadlift which i haven’t done in around 2 months; the last one was only 2 45’s and a 25 and wasnt from the floor.

Also powered through incline chest presses, banging out 170 lbs…

I’m not going to go through every single thing I did but i’m simply making a point: you’re not going to feel like going to the gym every single day but the day you really dont wanna go, the day you wanna skip it and sit on the couch or stay in bed, the day you’re just “not feeling it” that’s the day you need to make it a point to MAKE IT.

Make it a point to show up and start and once you get started the rest is a piece of cake. Results dont happen overnight and you won’t see them then unless you put the work in. But you put the work in and dont allow yourself to make excuses to not do SOMETHING then the only person you’re kidding is YOURSELF.

Dont make excuses for why you can’t, make excuses for why you CAN.

You dont have to do it alone, get some help at an affordable investment for ANY income, household size and fitness level. The sky’s the limit!

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Sound familiar

Dont let fear of the unknown stop yoi from trying. And dont let perceived failure stop you from pushing to be better – you haven’t failed until you stop trying!!

No excuses. No matter what

No one ever said getting in shape would be easy.

In fact, it’s probably the single hardest thing you’ll ever do. There will be times when you want to give up. There will be times when you want to quit. Yes, there will even be times when your situation tests your dedication to your new lifestyle.

The key is: you have to choose, no matter what, to stick to your guns. That’s why it’s a “lifestyle change” and not a “I’m-doing-this-because-its-convenient-at-the-moment change”.

Changing your lifestyle isn’t a fad diet and it’s not something that just happens overnight with no effort. You either choose to be great every single day no matter what, or you stay the same.

There is no in between.

And before you tell me, “well you dont know what I’ve had to go through”, I suggest you watch fitness motivation.

To all the single parents

Being a single parent has its joys and its pains. Yes, we get twice the hugs, twice the kisses, and twice the joy of watching our children grow up to be the best people we’ve raised them to be…

But, we also get twice the headaches, twice the arguments, twice the stress and twice the i-need-a-drink-to-deal-with-this-child-whos-acting-just-like-me.

No it’s not easy, it’s not cheap and it’s definitely not a walk in Neverland but in the end it’s worth it 1000 times over.

Great job single parents, hug your kids and have a beer!