Transforming, Inspiring, Motivating, Empowering…thats what I aim to do for myself and for others

When I first began my journey, it was with the intention of losing weight. That was all I wanted was to be comfortable in my own skin and be able to walk, sleep and eat like a normal person. I just knew I was tired of making excuses for why I hadn’t done it, tired of making excuses for being lazy, tired of making excuses for why I wasn’t important enough to take care of.

I started because I myself, needed to finally be transformed, inspired, motivated and empowered to be the best me I could possibly be no matter what i had to do to get there.

As I progressed though, I started to realize how many others struggled to do the same thing and are still struggling. Struggling to find a happy medium between self and family, struggling to give themselves the go ahead to invest in themselves, struggling to take half an hour to workout. Just struggling.

When I became a personal trainer it was with the purpose of taking what I have achieved and am still achieving and using it to help others achieve success. Whether you are a client or just someone who watches from afar and does their best on their own, I want you to succeed.

That’s why I created my YouTube channel because I know there are some folks who want to watch and be inspired while there are some who invest fully in themselves but still want to use every avenue they can to be the best version of themselves.

Regardless of who you are or where you are, if you are ready to be transformed, inspired motivated and empowered this channel is for you and I invite you to check it out, like and subscribe. Because you deserve it!

Sometimes ya just gotta deal with you

Most kids are a handful growing up. Some are hard-headed. Some are rebels. Some like taking shit apart. The point is: we all had our qwirks, we grew out of them and ultimately turned out to be good people. Of course some of us were smart enough not to have kids…

The rest of us, well, our parents warned us that when we had kids, they’d pay us back for all the grief we put our parents through. We thought it was funny but years and a few kids later: we realized they couldn’t have been more right.

Now your kids are more stubborn, more rebellious, are always taking something apart or breaking it on purpose, have the stubbornness of a rabid bull and think they know everything.

What they don’t tell us though, is that while all of this can prove to be a headache at times, it also comes with 10 times the hugs, 10 times the kisses and ten times the smiles.

So yes, dealing with you has its trials but it also has its triumphs. Focus on those and you’ll make it another year. I promise. 😀


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Tired of undercooked, rubbery and flat out disgusting scallops?

Me too!!

So, several years back I went to a well known, Italian restaurant and ordered seafood pasta. It had crab, lobster and scallops in it. Sounded like the ticket so I ordered it!!

Bit into a piece of lobster. Delectable. A piece of crab. Succulent. A scallop. Aaand that’s where they lost me. They were mushy and icky and slimy and nope, couldn’t do it. I ended up picking them all out.

Years went by and I refused to touch another dish with scallops in it or even near it. Yet I had heard several people raving about them. Rubbish, all rubbish, no way in hell anyone could stomach that. Even after years of watching Chef Ramsey’s many protege screw them up, I never ate them.

Until one day, I thought to myself, “what if I learn how to make them? Then they won’t be fucked up!”

After several attempts, YouTube videos and Google, finally managed not only to make the perfect scallop but I created a video so you can too!!

Check out Making the PERFECT scallops! then try it out and make your own! Happy eating!

Why pay ivy league prices?

You decide you want to get your Associates in Business. What’s your next step?

Start checking out schools.

You look at what seems like hundreds of schools ranging from Harvard, to Penn State to local colleges and everything in between and they all have one thing in common: expensive, expensive, expensive.

Do you really want to spend all that money to be on someone else’s watch, sit in someone else’s room, learning things you may or may not want to learn?


The same can be said for your health!

You decide you want to lose weight or even put on muscle, so you decide to check out every single gym in your area. Now these have a few things in common: expensive, trainers don’t pay attention, you’ve gotta be there in their schedule, that’s only one piece of the puzzle…oh and did I mention you’re still paying ivy league prices?


Watch this to see how you can avoid all the ivy league mumbo jumbo and get where you want to be on YOUR watch, wherever YOU feel comfortable!

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Motivated to do nothing…

Before I began my weight loss journey, I was a wife, mother, employee, friend, you name it, I was involved in some way. It was all these hats I wore that I allowed myself to use as an excuse to not take care of myself. It was always something. The kids needed my help. My husband needed to spend time with me. I had to go somewhere and run errands or go grocery shopping.

This made it easier for me to tell myself I didn’t have the time to take care of myself. After a while though, I realized I was killing myself slowly. Fast food restaurants, long days in bed or on the couch, I was depressed and so heavy my body couldn’t even supply enough air just to sleep or even walk.

It wasn’t until I decided to make time for me, no matter what, that I made changes that would change my life and everything about it. Forever. NOW it’s your turn!

Get Transformed. Be Inspired. Stay Motivated. Gain Empowerment. Yes, that spells MORE T.I.M.E.!! Get yours NOW!

Watch this short video to find out how you can get more T.I.M.E. and finally get your life back!

Super excited to share this AMAZING announcement!!

Recently, I’ve been blessed to be able to start a business venture along side my fitness business. Words cannot express how honored and blessed I am as only a small amount of people do this with success. Now, I’m not going to announce just what this business venture is just that I’m blessed to have the opportunity.

Why the post then?

Well, because, with starting this new venture it’s going to require some extra time on my part which means I won’t be able to be as active in the fitness side as I’d like to be (working more on it than in it). However, I don’t want you to miss out and the great opportunity to change your life by becoming a healthier, happier you so I have figured out how to make it work for EVERYONE! Check this out!

I’m so over the moon not just for me but for the people I know this will help!

I never picture myself as a runner…

I have been into sports since I was a kid. Even being homeschooled my mom still found a way for my brother and I to be involved. In elementary/middle school we were involved with a homeschoolers program where we could run, throw and do jumping events much like a mini-olympics. I was always number one in softball throw as well as the 50 yard dash. Came in 2nd or 3rd for long jump and even got 1st place in hurdles once.

In high school, I swam, played tennis, played a year of basketball and was a thrower on the track and field team. Even doing all those, I hated running. We ran around the school. We ran around the track. Hell some days I said f*ck them and I walked. Now I will say, my first year in track and field I found out (the hard way) that I had exercise induced asthma but once I had an inhaler I still hated running. When they did running or they were busting their asses doing bleachers…yup…i was walking gingerly around the track. Had I known then what I know now, I could have been a much better thrower. Problem was: I was already the best overall female thrower on the team so I didnt care. Probably didn’t help that I was overweight but no excuse even still.

Fast forward and after several failed attempts at weight loss I finally got to where I wanted to be. It wasn’t until summer 2017 that I tried my hand at running. Yup. Still hated it. But I stuck with it and started off slow. At first only around a mile and a half and that was a 30 minute struggle. Then 2 miles then 3 then 3.5 to the point where I could run non-stop even on the most graded hills. My two-mile run went from being over 20 minutes to being 16 minutes (as of today) and I finally told myself, “I’m a runner.” For the longest time I told myself I wasn’t because it was my way of just skating through my two miles without really trying. Today though, I realized that without hard work I can’t be the best version of myself. So before I set out for my run I chose a great song that would keep me motivated (‘LL Cool J- shut em down) and ran my heart out. Then Break ya Neck by Busta Rhymes came on so I kept running. The final stretch I put on There’s No Easy Way out (from Rocky IV)and told myself I would be home before the song was over…

As usual, when I got to the end of my alley and as I got into my usual sprint I found my legs were so sore that ask was sprinting I was groaning because my legs hurt so bad. When I made it to my driveway – normally I pace to cool down – today I was so worn out I had to resist just falling over lol but when I looked at my phone is read 1 minute walking (from stopping to change songs) and 16 minutes running!! 16 minutes! That’s an 8-minute mile WITH hills and uneven ground. Not on a track or a treadmill! It was then that I told myself, “I AM a runner!”

Don’t let something that seems hard stop you from reaching above and beyond what you think you can do. Just do it!