Video 5 of 6: The Luck Troll

If I had that guys luck I’d get promoted too.

Yea, if I would’ve been as lucky as her I’d be rich, too.

He lucked out on that sale.

And the list goes on. C’mon people, life isn’t a game of luck it’s more like Monopoly. A sequence of good decisions (mixed with a few bad ones) that get you get you the two highest grossing properties. Generally, the person in Monopoly who invests the most from the start of the game ends up winning. Why? Because they made the decision to invest in what they wanted. Check this short video on how the Luck Troll can have a negative influence on your thinking. 

Post 4 of 6: The Health Troll 

What ails you? High blood pressure? Obesity? High cholesterol? Maybe you’ve got issues with pain in your feet. There are thousands of ailments people go through everyday and not only do they live with them but they learn to use them as a crutch to avoid things they should do, need to do, want to do, but don’t want to take the chance. In this short video I discuss briefly how I overcame mine in order to get to where I want to be. I hope you find it helpful in whatever area of your life you struggle with 🙂

The Time Troll

I think I’m going to pursue a career in nursing. 

I want to change careers. 

I really need to lose weight.  

It would be awesome if I could eat healthier.

Oh wait, no I don’t have time, nevermind. I’ll have to try when I do have time. 

Sound familiar? “Time” is one of the biggest reasons people choose not to pursue something. They get these nasty trolls on their shoulder who tells them they don’t have time to do something. What’s worse is the more they listen to this troll, the bigger it gets and the harder it is to ignore. Check out this video on time trolls. Don’t let them get the best of you!! 

Video 2 of 6: mind food

You’re wanting to start a new journey in life by changing careers. Or maybe you’ve decided to quit smoking. There are a million reasons people choose to change certain things about themselves or their lifestyle but generally becuase they believe it will better them as a person. What happens when going gets tough and they hit resistance? They get negative, upset, start to doubt themselves, then excuses come and they may quit altogether. Check out this short video on how what you read, watch, and think can negatively affect your outcome. 

Level 1: Stabilization-endurance routine sample

For those of you wondering what I’m talking about when I mention things such as reactive or SAQ, here is one of my workouts that’s based on a proven model called the: Optimum Performance Model which builds on the body’s current physical abilities and slowly increases them to ensure a properly stabilized body as well as efficient movement patterns, better posture and ease of daily movement. 

Initially, I start with Self Myofascial Release, a form of massage used to release knots and loosen muscles. Followed up with static stretching is a great way to loosen muscles before and after a workout and speeds recovery.
On this particular day, I did 3 core workouts which focus on static stability and endurance which was plank, side plank and supine floor bridges which and try AWESOME for core strength and your butt!! I then followed with resistance exercises which still focus on stability but becuase they are body weight exercises I’m still working hard but learning to stabilize my own body weight before moving on to using weights.

I also did half an hour of cardio, which in the stabilization level, I am simply learning to maintain a steady HR which translates into cardiorespitory endurance making everyday tasks that involve quick movement over an extended period of time easier. 
Lastly I followed up with a repeat of my warmup which sped up my healing process and instead of not feeling that post-workout burn for another 2 days, it’s felt within 24 hours therefore I can push harder the next time I hit this routine in another days becuase the following day is and mother different workout to work different systems. 
This entire workout took roughly an hour but when done right and at the right speed, you still see amazing results which will prepare you to start strength training in Level 2: Max strength; Which I’ll share info on at a later date!!! Hope this was helpful!


Part 1 of 6: Physical food

Good evening!! Last week I discussed an upcoming 6 part series on mind food, trolls and best practices for individual well-being. I first introduced this series last year over the summer and it was a hit on Facebook that really hit home to a lot of people and even influenced some to change some very important things in their lives. So, here it is again not just for Facebookers but also for IG nerds, YouTube watchers, Twitter followers and anyone else who needs some motivation or uplifting words!! Check out this link on physical food for some insight into what it can do for you as well as a tidbit on next week’s video. Enjoy!

“Diet” vs “Healthy diet”

Every tried to lose weight only to reach your goal or even exceed it and then gain it right back and then some? Tried once, twice, even a dozen times with the same result? In my video, “Diet” vs “Healthy diet” I discuss why you have these results and how to get the same results but actually maintain them. Don’t let these fad diets fool you, if it’s easy to get the weight off quickly,  then chances are it’s not going to last. The same can be said for diet pills, magic machines and other products that claim you can lose large amounts of weight in a short period of time…Don’t be fooled! Do your research 🙂 

Also, remember the hit series I did last summer regarding trolls? The ones who keep us from our goals and keep us stagnant? It’s coming back! Starring next Monday I’ll be doing one video a week on these pesky critters and how we can over come them!!

Miscarriage and Coping

It is Saturday, February 20, 2017 and I am home from the hospital. The picture represents the first thing i wanted to do when

 i came home today and it felt so good! 

Last Saturday I had started leaking fluid at approximately 21 weeks pregnant. Sunday it continued so I went to the ER and even after voicing my concerns and giving Dr’s pertinent information they did minimal testing and sent me home. Up through Thursday I continued to leak fluid having to buy thick maxi pads to keep from soaking through my clothing (and sometimes didn’t work). Thursday at work I began cramping and getting blood clots so after work I went back to the hospital and after only being there 10 minutes I began to bleed…ALOT. ultimately I ended up delivering a still born 10oz. baby girl at 22 weeks due to having 0 amniotic fluid in the sac. Needless to say I was upset that my concerns were correct all along and that medical staff didn’t address them and even though it wasn’t the best time for me to have a baby I still prepared to take the journey anyway as a single mom. I know most wouldn’t post something like this especially so soon but for some reason that’s what I felt I needed to do in hopes of being able to help someone else who is going through the same thing. I posted a video on coping with the loss of a preterm baby and hope it encourages others to seek help even if it’s just talking to a friend about how you feel. 


Sinfully Delicious Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt

If you’re anything like me and I don’t know, like 99.99999999% of the world, you aren’t too crazy about plain Greek yogurt. Ok,  it’s good for you but kinda bland, texture is a little weird and well, most would rather eat an old sock. Last night though, I was trying to figure out what healthy snacks to make this week and I’m going over what’s in my fridge in my head,  “Greek yogurt, different types of preserves, blueberries, strawberries…I’ve got it!!” So I took:

1 Tay. Strawberry preserves

2-4 strawberries (depending on their size)

1/2 c. plain Greek yogurt
I layered them in that order in to a bowl and let them sit over night until we were ready to eat them this evening at which point the strawberries had already created and juice of their own which adds to the flavor even more. I stirred it well and viola!! Fruit on the Bottom yogurt made at home that’s better than store-bought and is only a fraction of the calories!!! I hope you enjoy it! I also included the recipe in the fruit on the bottom video

 so you can listen if that’s easier! 

Interview…Like a BOSS!!

Quite simply: own it!! Think about it: if they’ve called you in, they’ve already decided they want YOU to talk to you and make sure your personality traits and your goals like up with the company’s goals. That’s it. Now, you have to figure out how to do this AND stand out. From the moment you enter the establishment enter it like you already work there! Say hi to people carry conversations with them, when you interview, answer as if that position is already yours!! Own it!! Watch this short video on tips for before you even apply all the way to AFTER you’ve already interviewed!