TMNT Fitness – LIVE! (Replay): Fun-Swae Friday!!

I started doing this as a way to help others relax but have found that it help me with my day as well.

Self care is one of the best gifts you can give yourself because it allows you to focus on you even if its just a few minutes a day. It also allows you clarity and self awareness so you can stay on task or even be more clear on what your tasks should even be!! 

Take time every morning (not just with me) to really find yourself and clear your mind of all the clutter that’s piled up over night. 

Here is today’s meditation with a special gift at the end 😊😊

TMNT Fitness – LIVE!: Tone [triceps] (Replay)

There is nothing worse than waving to someone and having your arm still waving after you’ve stopped. The dreaded chicken wing!!! You hide your arms as best you can, you avoid actually waving but do more of a hand flutter with your arm glued to your side. And a tank top or swim suit on the beach? Forget it!! You wouldn’t be caught dead!! Well the good news is: summer is over and you now have PLENTY of time to get beach ready so next summer you can wave on and rock that bikini!! Start by checking out today’s episode of TMNT Fitness – Live! and completing the different but challenging triceps workout!! 

TMNT Fitness – LIVE!: Meal Prep Wednesday

As parents, we find that no matter how old our kids are, for some reason, getting them to eat their veggies is harder than getting them to brush their teeth…without chewing on tjeir toothbrush.

We offer rewards, we make promises of being like favorite cartoon characters we even try the airplane method. Still we find getting them to eat their veggies is torture. For you and them. 

We’ll I was having the same issue until I came up with a way to hide their veggies in plain site!! Check out the recipe I shared in today’s episode!!

Why do we pause?

We know what we want to do but deep down it’s like being that frightened little kid, alone at night, who doesn’t want to check under their bed. We’re pretty sure there’s nothing to be afraid of but our imagination thinks up every wild story it can for why we should be deathly afraid. 

That fear, whether we realize it or not, follows us into adulthood. We know what we WANT to do but our brain, which is trying so hard to protect us (from what, I really don’t know) is telling us not to. It’s telling us we can’t do that thing we want. It’s telling us there could be a boogy man or a Freddy Krueger and if we try then they’ll get us. It says, don’t bother, you’ll only be hurt. You’ll be disappointed. You’re safer just not doing anything. 

For years, I lived that way. I didn’t want to peek under my bed because I was afraid of what was under there. I didn’t want to get hurt. I didn’t want to risk it. One day though, I mustered up the courage you pull back the covers and damned if I didn’t jump out my skin when I saw… me. 

Yes, I was staring back at myself. This whole time I was afraid of myself. I was afraid of disappointing myself. I was afraid of not being deserving of the things I wanted.  I was afraid that if i tried, I’d only be disappointing myself again. It wasn’t until I looked at myself that I realized how ridiculous I’d been that whole time!!

Why shouldn’t I work toward what I want? Why don’t I deserve this? What makes anyone else any better than me that they can do these things and I can’t? Damn it, how do I make this happen? What do I NEED TO DO TO MAKE THIS WORK?!?! 

See the shift there? 

It’s within you too…

You just need to pull the covers back….

TMNT Fitness – LIVE! (Replay): Fun-Swae Friday!!

It’s Friday!! Does that mean all your stress disappears? Hell no! If anything it means longer hours in the office or stressing over what Monday will bring!! Stop stressing, Steve! Stop worrying, Wendy!! 

It’s time to grab a seat on your yoga mat, sofa or comfy office chair and relax to the sound of my voice…and music….cuz just my voice would be awkward lol

You know what really grinds my gears?!….

We’ve got all these prisons erected and a majority of them are housing people who have been convicted of some serious shit!! So as tax payers you’re telling us that even though we live our lives according to Uncle Sam, we have to pay for some loser to eat, live and breathe??? When that same loser murdered, raped, molested little kids?? I don’t get this society I really don’t!! But I’ll save the rest for this video so you can really see what I’m saying!!

I am so humbled…

Today I met with a client who, really, I should introduce as my friend who happens to be a client…

We have known each other for years, hell we got hired at the same company at the same time…

Over the past few years she’s seen me go through some shit and I’ve seen her go through some shit but one thing that remains true is that she was always and still, always does her best to do right by her family, to be the best mom, daughter, sister and friend, that she can be…

So when she came to me for help I was both honored and more than ready to help because I knew she deserved and after watching her these last few weeks, she’s continued to show me how badly she wants this for herself.  She pushes through every workout, she may swear at me but she does her best and her hard work is paying off!!!

I’m over the moon for you Alexis and I’m proud to call you my friend!!