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Today’s Morning Joe topic: motivation. The ever elusive motivation. We search for it, we hint it like a wild turkey…only for it to escape us like the roadrunner. Here’s the trick to motivation follow this and you’ll find it doesn’t feel like an uphill battle. Trust me I had to learn to do the same thing!!

The struggle is real…

Being a single parent is tough: trying to find the time to do anything, having the energy when you do have the time and having the motivation when you have time and energy!! I was there before I totally get it and it’s hard work to evaluate the the time you have, get motivated to do something even if the energy isn’t totally there and what the kids? What will they do? Will they be ok? What if they need something? What will they think of me because of where I’m at now? What would they think of me a year from now if I got healthier and had more energy to play with them? 

Let’s be real, as parents, we care what our kids think even if we say we don’t!! We want to have our kids admire and aspire to be like us!! That’s the biggest compliment in the world!! Why not start now? Why not start here? Why not you? I wanna talk to you and find out your WHY!! Watch this video on what I’ve struggled with and know I want to help you through yours! Visit this link to get started, NOW!!:


Ladies, want to lose weight and have sexy legs?…

Ok let’s be honest,  one of the parts a woman who is overweight hates the most is het legs. I know when I was overweight I hated my legs and never wore anything that stopped above my knees. Didn’t matter how I walked or what I wore there was no hiding my thunder thighs and it made me feel like shit. Well I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to have thunder thighs!! You can get rid of them and turn them into sleek sexy thighs that you love to show off! For your spouse, for the beach, or just for yourself!! I know you’re a bad ass, now I wanna help you be a bad ass with sexy legs!! Watch this video on legs then message me to find out how I can help you reach your health and fitness goals!!!

Beginner cardio….

If you’re new to the fitness world and just hitting the gym or even if you just bought some new equipment and want to workout at home, this video is for you!!! Why? Because nothing is worse than starting out strong and then hitting a brick wall!! Especially if you’re starting out and you’re heavier, there’s nothing more discouraging than starting out great then two months later you’ve stopped seeing progress!! Check out Beginner cardio that way you get started on the right foot! 

“Home of the Whopper”…

Ever get excited hearing that phrase? Mouth start to water and instantly you want to buy something from off the menu. You know you don’t need it, you know you’re one burger away from being told you’re at risk for congestive heart failure. You know you’re one Hershey pie away from being diabetic. Despite the fact that you’ve told yourself time and time again that you would give it up you still find yourself going back. You reason with yourself: “well I’m a single parent I don’t have time to eat right”. Or, “I’m working full time and going to school, I can just stop here quick, it’s easier.” Or my personal favorite, “I’m married with kids and there’s no way on earth I’m going to have time too workout, eat healthy AND spend time with my family!” What if I told you, that is all a crock of shit? That these are excuses your mind makes up because it doesn’t want you to fail? What if I told you, “I was there”? Now what if I then told you, “I did it. I told my mind that it wasn’t going to hold me back anymore that I and ONLY I can determine what I’m capable of!! Now, what if I told you, YOU CAN and i want to help show you that you can? 

Watch this video on how I did it and kicked the habit and if you know you can too, then PM and we’ll do this together!!

Fun facts on weight training 

Weight training isn’t just for men. Nor is it just for body builders or figure competitors. It can be a strong tool for building strong bones, lean muscle, a tone figure and overall feeling better. Don’t underestimate what it can do for you!! Here are some Fun facts on weight training. Check them out!! Like and share!!

7 days of squats: final day!!

7 days of squats: final day!! If you enjoyed this series, be sure to add me as a friend on FB so I can add you to the free health and fitness group on FB that I’ll be opening tomorrow!! If we’re already friends, awesome!! Just “like” this post and I’ll be sure to add you!! Remember: Hope + Dedication – Excuses = Transformation!! Here’s Day 7 enjoy!!